Mistakes to Avoid When Selling On Amazon Merch On Demand

mistakes to avoid when selling on merch

It can easily be said that no one who has ever succeeded did so without mishap. We are all human, we make mistakes. But we try to learn from them and not repeat them, and if we have some knowledge of the honest mistakes of others, perhaps we can also learn from them and not repeat their histories.

Success on Merch by Amazon is gratifying. However, both new and experienced merchants make mistakes that hurt their sales. We hope this article will provide you with a list of the top MBA blunders to avoid.

If you made a sales mistake or didn’t properly research something before investing a lot of time into it and it never sold as a result, you are hardly alone. We have all been there, and most of us more than once. Many vendors have made many Merch by Amazon blunders over their tenure on the marketplace. Some errors were minor, while others cost them sales and possibly entire accounts. Aside from knowing the fundamentals of Merch by Amazon, it is critical to understand what not to do, and this is just as vital as understanding how to use the platform’s many features.

Amazon Merch is one of the top print-on-demand platforms which some sellers use to expand their existing enterprises, while others use it to launch whole new ventures. Merch by Amazon is an excellent choice for budding entrepreneurs due to the low startup costs. The many benefits include the fact that you do not need to consider distribution, shipping, or storage.

Selling on Amazon Merch also means you won’t have to engage with customers personally. We simply concentrate our efforts on design process, marketing, and research, which have lower overhead costs. Because there are no start-up fees, you can forecast how much profit you will make with each sale. This means you can budget for other parts of your business, such as design or marketing.

Nonetheless, Amazon Merch is one of the most competitive print-on-demand services. As a result, it is critical to understand the Merch by Amazon blunders to avoid in order to remain on this platform. And here are some of the most common (and worse) mistakes to make when doing so.

Keep It Clean

Let’s start with the clearly obvious one, but it does happen so it needs to be mentioned. Amazon Merch does not accept curse words. Merch by Amazon will flag your design for breaking its guidelines if you do so. Some plugins will highlight whatever words you specify, including vulgarity, so if you think doing so makes you clever, you’re going to be off the platform before your first sale. Now you know, so be smart about your listings.

Keep It Relevant

And speaking of listings, inadequate product information can cause you to be lost in the sea of offerings, never to be seen again. With good reason, a lot goes into creating a decent listing. Buyers on Amazon will find you through your product information, and this will also be used to persuade people to buy your t-shirt designs. Poor product information is one of the critical Merch by Amazon faults that must be rectified. Regardless of how amazing your design is, failing to spend time on your listing will have an influence on your sales. So fill out your product information completely and accurately.

Spelling Errors: More Than About Looking Educated

Other glaringly simple ones, but ones that are overlooked all too often, are unchecked spelling errors. If you went to an online shop and saw the listing contained typos and errors, how much confidence would you have that they’d pay any attention to your order? This may appear to be a minor error, but it can have a substantial impact on the operation of your account, and overall attention to detail is essential for success in any endeavor. It’s incredibly easy to misspell words in your title and bullet points, but it’s also very easy to overlook mistakes – after all, we’re all human. When upgrading your listings, though, you must set aside time to ensure that everything is entered accurately.

Most importantly, spelling errors, aside from being embarrassing, can cause your ideas to be rejected. To avoid making a Merch by Amazon blunder like this simply use a spell-check plugin that will help you identify any spelling issues.

Accurate Listing Information

To avoid having your designs rejected, you must also ensure that the design size, picture resolution, and all other features are correct. Multiple design rejections could result in Amazon removing you from Merch. This is one of the Merch by Amazon blunders you should avoid if you want to keep your account safe. Your designs may be rejected for reasons other than the design itself. They may also be rejected due to phrases or words used in the descriptions and/or bullet points. Make certain that you check everything twice before posting.

Originality Or Nothing

Now we get into something that really isn’t an “error”, but poor judgment. Don’t steal people’s designs and artwork.

You’d be surprised how many people are guilty of this. We’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt and say that they don’t understand the law, or that if they see a familiar phrase but it’s rendered in an original way that means the design itself is protected.

If you just create your own ideas, this will never be a problem (although it may be a problem if someone steals your idea). But far too often people think they can just take whatever they find and reproduce it for their own gain. Any Merch by Amazon merchant recognizes the importance of copyright while selling on the platform. This is one of the critical Merch by Amazon errors that might result in account suspension.

Also, if you do not create the designs yourself, you must be extra cautious that your designer does not violate any copyrights. Aside from verifying TESS, the trademark database, for any violation, some design components may be copyrighted. You must confirm that your designer has the necessary licenses to sell these creations on Merch by Amazon.

If you don’t have a designer and are looking for high-quality designs, you really must do your own research into such matters, such as the tools on MerchInformer (which also provides royalty-free images for fair use!). You’ll ultimately be the one responsible. If you have a design and are unsure whether it has been trademarked or has copyright, you can perform a reverse image search on Google to see where the design has been used. Merch by Amazon takes copyright and trademark very seriously; unlike other errors, breaking this rule will result in your account being suspended.

Merch by Amazon is a business like any other; you must learn the ropes, be patient, and expect a few setbacks before you can realize increased profits. Finally, depending on how you sell on Amazon, Merch by Amazon can be either profitable or disappointing. These were a few Merch by Amazon blunders to avoid if you don’t want your account blocked or your designs rejected. Other Merch by Amazon mistakes, while not resulting in a ban, will impede your growth and negatively impact your sales.

Some of these suggestions will take more effort than others, but following them early on will save you a significant amount of time and money that you would have spent learning these skills on your own. There is so much to learn when establishing a business; take the time to talk to other sellers on forums and social media groups and gain guidance from them. Even if you’ve been doing this for a while now, this information is still important and will perhaps help you identify the areas you’ve overlooked.


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