Announcing Merch Informer Products Designer + Merch Performer T-Shirt Academy Launch!


Merch Informer has just finished the biggest update to our platform, and it is FREE for all current subscribers. I am extremely excited to finally be releasing a feature that everyone has been asking us for!

Merch Informer Product Designer

First, we have launched our Merch Informer Product Designer.  The designer is a browser-based tool that will run on any system without the need for specialized tools such as Photoshop and can be accessed with your MI login.  All designs can easily be downloaded for both t-shirt and hoodie dimensions.

It features many text effects, included curved text, as well as distressed filters, support to upload your own images, and ACTUAL 300 DPI design (which lots of online platforms do not offer) are all available, along with thousands free to use clipart with commercial licensing.

Add your own images and clip art to quickly crank out designs for Merch on the fly and when you are ready, download the images in either t-shirt or hoodie dimensions with the click of a button.

You can reach this tool by logging into your Merch Informer dashboard and looking in the upper right-hand corner.

I’ve put together a quick tutorial of the product designer:

Merch Performer T-Shirt Academy

Second, we have released the FREE Merch Performer T-Shirt Academy for MI subscribers. This course gives a “fly on the wall” view of sellers who achieve well into 6 figures a year selling print on demand items.

We wanted to help break down the data that Merch Informer gives you into a step by step process to success. This ranges from understanding what keywords are, how to use them, as well as how to properly outsource and set up systems for scale.

You can expect great information for both newbie merchers, as well as advanced users to driving traffic and expanding your reach. We are even setting up some Question and Answer videos and interviews.

I may even be able to get a few Merch brand partners on video to discuss how they got there and their entire process (which is on a completely different level!).

This t-shirt academy is FREE for all Merch Informer subs and can be accessed in the upper right corner of the dashboard when you log in.

I really appreciate all the support from everyone in this group. It means everything to us.

Any questions or comments please drop them below!

  • Wow, That’s incredible! Can’t wait to delve into this.
    So glad I have this valuable resource!!

  • Cool beans. May just drop another designer I’ve been using but they do have decent mockups.

  • Hello Neil, this product designer couldn’t had come at a better time. Exactly what I was looking for and really wanted! Now, I can place text and graphics where I want. And the Academy just adds more clarity to this business model. Thanks for the great value!

  • Awesome!!!!! I love it. Thanks so much! As if this isn’t enough–will we be able to download the layers as a group as some point?

  • Neil, Can we download / add commercial free fonts to the app, too? Or, are we restricted to the fonts you currently have available?

    • Currently no, that is not an option. If you have a suggestion of a free font we should add, please open a help ticket and we can take a look.

  • Hi Neil,
    Thanks for great added value service. Will start watching the academy videos first.

  • Hi Neil, I just watched all the videos so far in the T-Shirt Academy. They are all great and the 5th one answered a lot of my questions about doing trademark research (but you made me feel old when you mentioned “some lady” named Cyndi Lauper, lol). I am anxious to see your next video but in the meantime, one thing that always makes me nervous about the outsourcing process is not knowing where the graphic designers are getting their art. How can we know for sure that they are only using graphics that they have the commercial rights to and that they have the correct licensing?

    • Ha! She was before my time. Every time I outsource designs to a new designer, I will always get them to give me links to where they found fonts/art. That way, I can check if they are commercially available to use. If they are an illustrator, I will ask them to show me some of their sketches to make sure that they are in fact drawing things out.

  • Hey Neil,
    I just started with Merch Informer and had a look at the videos in the Merch Performer T-Shirt Academy.
    They are really great and helpful. But I´ve got a question concerning your research in video 3 and 4 (beginning the research process part 1 and 2). When you were looking for new ideas and designs you used the merch hunter and focussed on the BSR, especially the 30 day average BSR. Then you found one or another design that you would like to target.
    Now I´m a bit confused cause you didn´t check these designs/niches with respect to how many competition is already there. But this is important isn´t it? Or is the reason that you´ve got so many slot available that you just give it a try? Since I´ve just started, I guess I have to keep an eye on the competition of the niches I chose, right? So I would use the Product Search to find out how many players are in the game concerning this niche/design and, if necessary, do some niche down. What would you recommend? Thanks a lot for your help!

    • Yes, I think you would be a lot more concerned about competition at lower tier levels. A good thing to do would be to always use the product search and just see how many other similar designs for that phrase or saying are out there that are SELLING. If you find too many for your comfort, I would move on. Once you have enough slots, just finding out where the money is and following it with great designs and properly optimized keywords in order to get that initial visibility is key.

  • Hello Neil,
    Thanks so much for merch academy! I find it so helpful.
    But please hurry up and finish! I am dying to know what the next steps are after we find a designer on Upwork!! 🙂

  • Hey Neil,
    only a quick question. Do you have any idea when you will upload new videos to the merch academy? I can barely wait for part 3 of how to hire a graphic artist and maybe a video on how to hire an illustrator to be uploaded. The academy is really awesome!!!

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