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100k School Debt to Financial Freedom – Merch by Amazon Update 2

Another month has come and gone and it is time to put out the next update to digging out of school debt.  If you missed the first update in this series, you may want to check that out below. Otherwise, prepare to learn how to 5X the earnings of an account in 30 days. 100k School Debt to Financial Freedom – Merch by Amazon Update 1 If you doRead more

How A Simple Influencer Campaign Made Over $1000 With A Single Shirt (Famebit Marketing)

If you have not noticed, we at Merch Informer like talking about marketing your shirts once they are live on Merch by Amazon in order to stand out from the competition. Having a background in marketing has helped tackle the usual channels of marketing that have helped Merchers see success running campaigns and using social media. To start off our guest blog series, we invited Jewel Tolentino to writeRead more

100k School Debt to Financial Freedom – Merch by Amazon Update 1

From talking to people all over the world about Merch by Amazon, there seems to be a few common themes. There are those that are just looking to make a little side money, and there are others who are looking to replace their full time job. Almost everyone I have talked to are trying to dig themselves out of debt or pay their mortgage each month with their MerchRead more

Keyword Optimization Merch by Amazon Case Study

Do you use keywords in your Merch by Amazon shirt titles? Maybe you only use your keywords in the bullet points. Perhaps you have tried to add the keyword to the brand name as well, but are not really sure why. You could have heard any number of people tell you where and how to include the keywords you want to rank for in your listings. If you haveRead more

Merch Informer Case Study – A Merch By Amazon 20k Per Month Blueprint

Todor and I started Merch Informer just around 6 months ago. Ever since the beginning, we have been Merchants ourselves, practicing exactly what we preach on how to find successful designs, dominate markets, and crush the competition. Month in and month out, we are making more profit from Merch by Amazon and the multiple integrations that are now available for Amazon merch sellers. We grew from early adapters ofRead more

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