Merch by Amazon T-Shirt Holidays (Master List)

Merch by Amazon T-Shirt Holidays Date Weekday Holiday name January 01-Jan Friday Polar Bear Plunge Day 02-Jan Saturday Buffet Day 02-Jan Saturday Run It up the Flagpole and See If Anyone Salutes It Day 02-Jan Saturday Science Fiction Day 03-Jan Sunday Fruitcake Toss Day 03-Jan Sunday Festival of Sleep Day 04-Jan Monday Trivia Day 05-Jan Tuesday Bird Day 06-Jan Wednesday Bean Day 07-Jan Thursday Old Rock Day 08-Jan Friday Earth’s Rotation Day 09-Jan Saturday Static Electricity Day 09-Jan Saturday Word Nerd Day 10-Jan Sunday Cut Your Energy Costs Day 11-Jan Monday Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day 11-Jan Monday Clean Off Your Desk Day 12-Jan Tuesday Marzipan Day 13-Jan Wednesday Make Your Dreams Come True Day 14-Jan Thursday Organize Your Home Day 15-Jan Friday Strawberry Ice Cream Day 16-Jan Saturday Nothing Day 16-Jan Saturday Soup Swap Day 17-Jan Sunday Benjamin Franklin Day 17-Jan Sunday Kid Inventors’ Day 17-Jan Sunday Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day 18-Jan Monday Thesaurus Day 19-Jan Tuesday Tin Can Day 19-Jan Tuesday Popcorn Day 20-Jan Wednesday Penguin Awareness Day 21-Jan Thursday Squirrel Appreciation Day 22-Jan Friday Hot Sauce Day 23-Jan Saturday Handwriting Day 24-Jan Sunday Compliment Day 24-Jan Sunday Macintosh Computer Day 25-Jan Monday Opposite Day 26-Jan Tuesday Spouse’s Day 27-Jan Wednesday Chocolate Cake Day […]

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Leverage Pinterest Marketing To Sell Your Merch by Amazon T-Shirts

Amazon is an absolute powerhouse for selling items online. At the time of writing this, they are the 5th most visited website in the USA and the 10th most visited website in the entire world. With over 2 billion visitors each and every month, Merch by Amazon has allowed us to start to leverage this incredible traffic source to make more sales. With all the traffic available though, there are also a lot of sellers that are relying only on organic traffic to make money. This can make sense if you are in the higher tiers and have hundreds if not thousands of designs uploaded to the platform. But what of the beginner who only has 25 shirts uploaded and […]

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